about us

Welcome to BavarianRelax!
Here, near the enchanting Lake Starnberg, we use love and handcraft to conjure up unique scent creations that not only smell good, but also put you in a good mood.
In our small factory we swear by sustainability - no paraffins, no parabens. Instead, we rely as much as possible on pure raw materials and sustainable enjoyment.
Each product is made and packaged by hand and is therefore truly unique.
Our scents are not only an olfactory experience, but also a homage to the beauty of Upper Bavaria. Inspired by the picturesque surroundings, we combine tradition and modernity to create a fragrance experience that inspires.
Let BavarianRelax take you on a fragrance journey where every candle and every spray tells a story and every note conjures up a smile. Welcome to our world of scents – familiar, unique and simply made to feel good!
Many greetings from beautiful Upper Bavaria